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Tutoring Services

Expert Mandarin Tutoring For Middle/High School Students and Professionals From Beginner To Advanced Levels

Middle/High School Students

I offer in-person Mandarin-language tutoring services for Middle/High School students at all levels of Chinese study in the Greater New York City area - including in Westchester County, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Northern New Jersey, Rockland County, and Southern Connecticut.

For students outside the Greater New York City area (in other USA geographies and abroad), I offer regularly scheduled online tutoring services via Skype or FaceTime.

Following an initial student interview, I will customize a tutoring 'plan' based on each student's needs for extra help - focused on grammar review, speaking, reading/writing, or all of the above.


Whether you are a professional who has already studied Chinese and needs some extra practice to burnish your skills, or an executive working with China who seeks a new, 'basic' working competency in the language to navigate your interaction with Chinese counterparts, I will plan a customized tutoring program to meet your objectives.

For professionals, I also offer 2-3 day group 'workshops' to train multiple executives from a single company (minimum 5) in basic, business-relevant working-Chinese in order to prepare you for a stronger, and more 'respectful' impact during your professional interaction with key Chinese colleagues.


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