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About Me - Saul Gitlin 冀硕临

I am an experienced Mandarin tutor located in Westchester County, New York State, USA. I am available to work with work with students for face-to-face tutoring sessions in the New York area, or provide virtual (online) services for students and professionals located anywhere in the world.

Since the 1980’s, I have had a long global and multicultural business career focused on China, including a decade residing in the People’s Republic. You can see much more about my professional distinctions, media interviews, published articles, awards, and other citations if you “Google" my name. You can also view my Linkedin profile here.

As part of my private consulting practice established the Spring of 2016, I selectively tutor Mandarin students at the Middle & High School levels, as well as Business Professionals.

I hold a BA degree in Asian Studies focused on Chinese language and linguistics from Cornell, an MA in East Asian Studies focused on Chinese Literature from Yale, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

As a non-Asian who has mastered the Chinese language, I can be both a ‘role model’ for students of Chinese, as well as share my personal experience and “best practices” to overcome key hurdles in learning the language.

At this hotlink, I invite you to read my popular Huffington Post blog titled "The Long March to Learning Chinese: My Top-5 Tips." 

Most recently, it was also my great honor to receive the 2016 “Mandarin Leader” Award from the US-based Mandarin Communications Group. See this link.

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