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Student/Family Testimonials
Academic Testimonials


“Saul has been working for seven months with my son who is a 9th grade, 4th year Mandarin student in Westchester, NY, USA. During my son's first three years of Mandarin study, he was a "C" student. But in his short time working with Saul, he is now a straight "A" student in Mandarin, and has one of the best grades in his class.

— Virla G. - Westchester, New York


"I would like to offer my assessment of Saul’s Chinese language ability. As a teacher and teacher trainer of Chinese for decades, I can assure you that Saul speaks Chinese with precise and standard pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese. He has a superior level of mastery of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, based on American Council of Foreign Languages language proficiency scales, a rare achievement for a non-Chinese. Saul’s knowledge about China and Chinese culture is impeccable. I was always impressed by Saul’s presentation skills and his ability to ENGAGE students – extremely important skills for a teacher. Because of Saul’s professional background in marketing, he is keen to teenagers’ interests and knows how to motivate students. I highly recommend Saul."

Professor Der-lin Chao

Head of the Chinese Program

Director of the Chinese Flagship Center City University of NY (CUNY)

Hunter College

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